Monday, September 21, 2015

P.Z. Myers says something really dumb about Ahmed the little clock-maker

Big surprise.

Myers has been at his libtard best recently.

He bought into the Texas clock kid hoax. Little Ahmed Mohammed brought a "clock" into school--it turns out it was the guts of a 1970's electric clock (the kid didn't "make it") in a little suitcase, and the kid's dad is an Islamic nut case with an ax to grind. The whole point here was obviously to invoke a bomb scare and then blame the folks who (correctly) were alarmed about the "clock" of being Islamohpbic. Obama invites the little I.E.D. clock maker to the White House, and the loony Left internet lights up with outrage at this brazen act of Islamophobia against the enterprising little scientist who just likes to take the parts out of old electronic devices, package them like bombs, and bring 'em to school.

Looks like the kid's Islamic nut case Dad set him up to get arrested and take one for Allah.

At least he gets a White House visit out of it. Of course, if the kid shows up at the White House with an electronic device in a little suitcase with wires and circuit boards hanging out, he'll be tackled by a hundred Secret Service agents and carted off to jail in manacles and leg irons until the whole thing gets sorted out--kind of like what happened in school. If you don't believe me, try entering a government building with something like this and see what happens.

Question: if someone sent Professor Myers this "clock in a box" thing in the mail, would he duck under the desk, pee his pants, and call the police.

Damn right he would. 

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