Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Resistance spreads

Oregon judge now under investigation for not performing same sex weddings

A Marion County judge has refused to perform same-sex marriages and has asked his clerks to refer couples seeking same-sex marriages to other county judges. 
Judge Vance Day, a circuit court judge and former chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, is now facing an ethics investigation over that decision, according to the judge’s spokesman. 
Spokesman Patrick Korten said Day instructed his staff to tell couples that the judge will not perform same-sex marriages. The staffers were instructed to refer same-sex couples to other Marion County judges willing to issue them a marriage license.
The Left picks and chooses the laws it enforces--immigration law, Obamacare, etc-- their arguments about the rule of law are a joke.

And Obgerefell isn't even a law, nor is it a legal judgement:

Chief Justice John Roberts: "The [Obergefell] decision is an act of will, not legal judgment. The right it announces has no basis in the Constitution or this Court’s precedent."

Obey the law-- disobey Obergefell. 


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  2. "And Obgerfell isn't even a law, nor is it a legal judgement."

    We have been over this before Michael. It is common law, it was a legal decision, and has all the force of law. Disagree all you want, but that is a fact.

    The Judge's case is different than Davis'. Performing marriages is not a requirement of the judge's position. That is why there are no charges being laid. He is being investigated for breaches of ethics. Which is not a "legal" proceeding because he allegedly said that he refused to perform same sex marriages. I seem to remember reading elsewhere that he did not perform any marriages. If that is true, then I suspect that this will die.

    Davis' situation is different. She is legally obliged to issue marriage licenses to those who qualify. She refused to do this. It's the grey-bar motel for her until she either agrees to issue them or agrees not to interfere with the deputies who have all said that they are willing to (except her son, but that is another story). Personally, I have no sympathy for her.

    If you can provide with an example of a Christian in North America who has been jailed, or one who has been fined, or one who's livelihood has been ruined, who was not breaking the law at the time, I will apologize. But I am not aware of any.

    We have a Christian woman in Canada who has spent ten years in jail because she refuses to obey a court order to stay a certain number of metres from the doors of abortion clinics. She is not being jailed because she is Christian, or because of her Christian beliefs. She is in jail because she is a serial offender, repeatedly and intentionally ignoring court orders.

    1. [We have a Christian woman in Canada who has spent ten years in jail because she refuses to obey a court order to stay a certain number of metres from the doors of abortion clinics.]

      How long have the abortionists been in jail?

    2. Michael,

      Abortion isn't illegal in Canada. You can't gaol people if they're not breaking the law or are in contempt of court orders (which is still the 'law').

      There is such a thing as 'rule of law', you know. I believe someone claimed that tyrannies exist when rule of law isn't followed.

    3. Totalitarianism is when rule of law is selectively applied to advance a naturalistic or historical law that is that is above the law.

      This pretty well describes the Leftist agenda in America, that ignores rule of law on myriad issues and selectively enforces laws that advance the leftist agenda.

    4. Michael,

      Regardless of whether your delusions about the political situation in America have even the remotest scintilla of being true, the fact remains that abortion remains legal in Canada, so abortion providers can't be gaoled.

      And breaking a court order is equivalent to breaking the law and punishable by gaol.

      And anyway - a totalitarian government is a dictatorship with an ideology. The ideology sets the law. It differs from an authoritarian government, which is a dictatorship without an ideology. It's more like a robber baroncy, with laws being imposed or not depending on whether it brings benefits to the rulers.

    5. "How long have the abortionists been in jail?"

      In Canada, we don't jail people who don't break any law. We leave that to totalitarian governments.

    6. [In Canada, we don't jail people who don't break any law.]

      Kentucky has no gay marriage law. What law did Davis break?

    7. Not obeying a court order is breaking the law. Denying services to those legally entitled to them is against the law. Take your pick.

    8. Not all court orders are lawful. As Chief Justice Roberts (and three other justices) said--Obgerfell is not a judical ruling, and is not constitutional.

    9. [Not obeying a court order is breaking the law.]

      Would you ever violate a court order?

    10. Michael,

      I'm curious. What rhetorical zinger have got prepared with your last question? Is it similar to your one about if everyone in the world believed that the Holocaust was right, would that make it moral?

    11. Oh, a loaded question? I never would have guessed.