Monday, September 7, 2015

Kim Davis is the court's good servant, but God's first

The best analogy to Kim Davis courageous stand against the immoral, unconstitutional and unlawful imposition of gay marriage is that of St. Thomas More, who was martyred by Henry VIII for refusing to acknowledge the annulment  of the king's marriage to Catherine of Aragon.

More was a high level government official--he was Lord High Chancellor of England--but his first loyalty was to God and His Law, not to the corrupt law of Henry VIII.

On the scaffold, his last words were: "I am the king's good servant, but God's first".

The analogy is pretty good. It's worth noting that both More and Davis stood up for God's law on marriage.

We Christians, and all people of good will, need to stand behind Kim Davis. This needs to be a turning point in our nation's long-emerging coup by judicial oligarchs and conquest by a lawless Left and totalitarian degenerates like the gaystapo.

We Christians are our nation's good servants, but God's first.

To mix the analogy:

Here we stand. We can do no other.


  1. "The analogy is pretty good. It's worth noting that both More and Davis stood up for God's law on marriage."

    It may be an analogy, but it is a bad one. Davis is rather selective and selfish in the way she stands up for god's law on marriage. When a couple who are legally entitled to be married, she gets all self righteous and refuses them. But when it suited her own selfishness purpose, she completely ignored god's law on marriage. There are several words that describe her behaviour, but one of them is not bravery.

  2. Do you realize that Thomas More chose death over the acceptance of the sin of divorce while Kim Davis has divorced several ex-husbands?

    Maybe you just idolize her because she hates the people that you yourself regard as icky?

    1. Bernard, don't expect Dr. Egnor to respond. When he can't provide what he thinks is a rational response, he either ignores it or he calls you an asshole, a liar, and declares victory.

      The idea of homosexuality makes me feel "icky" as well. But I realize that the problem is with me, not with them. That is what rational people do.

    2. Bernie:

      Davis converted to Christ after her divorces, moron. Her messed-up personal life was a factor in her conversion.

    3. So, if I declare myself a Christian I get to be a self-righteous, judgemental prick? Good to know.