Thursday, September 3, 2015

Why does Patheos tolerate Ed Brayton's racist slur?

Leftie hater Ed Brayton recently joined Patheos, a media company devoted to hosting religious blogs of various perspectives. On September second Brayton posted a racist screed against Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke:
"... they’ve got their very own Uncle Tom, a black sheriff from Milwaukee, eager to make that argument for them so they can cover up their racism."
Sheriff Clarke is a superb public servant who has had the temerity to defend rule of law and public safety, and Brayton calls him an "Uncle Tom" for failing to follow Brayton's far left line on the recent killing of police officers and the explosion of crime in inner cities.

"Uncle Tom" is a racist slur, and it's remarkable that it is posted by a blogger on Patheos. Patheos is a site devoted to religious discussion, not to racist name-calling. 

If Patheos allows Brayton to stay on it's site, it is an implicit endorsement of Brayton's racist slur. 

It is also noteworthy that Brayton expressed his racism on a atheist channel on Patheos, implying that racial disparagement of police officers in some way is part and parcel of an atheist worldview. 

Patheos needs to disavow Brayton's racist assertion, and remove Brayton blog from it's site. 

Here's a contact link for Patheos. 


  1. Was it Voltaire who said that he disagrees with what someone says, but that he will defend the right to say it, or something like that? Publishing something offensive to some is a tactic used by publishers to gain attention. Though it's not working for you.

  2. I'm not Voltaire. Conservatives are destroyed all the time for much less than calling a black man an "Uncle Tom".

    Glen Reynolds says it best: punch back twice as hard.