Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Apparently some people do watch NBC news...

Whipping up race-hate has consequences.


  1. Funny how you think this is worth blogging about, but totally ignore the Tulsa shooting spree that left three random black people dead and two wounded. But hey, I’m sure in your mind a black guy beating-up a white guy is indeed far more newsworthy than two white guys going on a racist killing spree.


    1. I posted on it 36 hours ago, jerk.


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  3. I wonder if the people involved in whipping up the hysteria will be held accountable for 'incitement' or 'hate speech'?

    First off as Mike noted, he DID blog on the subject of the shootings. Secondly these people could not have been 'random' if the killer chose them due to their ethnicity, nor where they 'random' to their families. This was cold-blooded calculated mass-murder. Get ready for more like this, if your allies on the left continue to stir the pot. All the maniacs and 'race warrior' types will be looking for their bloody 15 minutes of infamy...and the media will be waiting like vultures to exploit it and keep the $tory going.
    Thirdly, your attempt to play the 'race card' at every opportunity destroys your credibility on the subject.
    Finally, why is this cowardly racial attack not newsworthy to you? Attacking an old man and screaming 'Trayvon' while doing so is acceptable to you? Beating an elderly person to near death because of the colour of his skin is okay - if he is Caucasian?