Saturday, April 14, 2012

Reflections on Thomas Kinkade

From Miller-McCune:

Why Thomas Kinkade’s Art Touched So Many

 Nice essay on the astonishing success of Kinkade's work. I don't have any of Kinkade's paintings in my home, but tens of millions of Americans do. Kinkade, a born again Christian, did beautiful work, and was a nice palate-cleanser for the garbage (often literal) that passes for modern art.

In some ways Kinkade's work reminds me of Norman Rockwell. Both artists speak to ordinary Americans and portray the beauty of our people and our country.

Tom Wolfe has a great short book on modern art-- The Painted Word. He's got a lot of insight into the madness that rules the art world. Well worth a read.

Thomas Kinkade, R.I.P.

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