Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Let’s let their houses burn..."

Warren Meyer has a great post on environmentalist Steve Zwick's demand that denialists' houses be allowed to burn when the Eco-apocalypse arrives.

Meyer proposes a deal with the eco-fascists:

I... offer a counter-proposal to Mr. Zwick’s that skeptics bear the costs of climate change. I am ready to step up to the cost of any future man-made climate change if Mr. Zwick is ready to write a check for the lost economic activity and increased poverty caused by his proposals. We are at an exciting point in history where a billion people, or more, in Asia and Africa and Latin America are at the cusp of emerging from millenia of poverty. To do so, they need to burn every fossil fuel they can get their hands on, not be forced to use rich people’s toys like wind and solar. I am happy to trade my home for an imaginary one that Zwick thinks will be under water. Not only is this a great way to upgrade to some oceanfront property, but I am fully confident the crazy Al Gore sea level rise predictions are a chimera, since sea levels have been rising at a fairly constant rate since the end of the little ice age. In return, perhaps Mr. Zwick can trade his job for one in Asia that disappears when he closes the tap on fossil fuels?
The last alarmist-skeptic bet went badly for the eco-nuts.

Anthony Watts has a pithy comment on the real Malthusian catastrophe we continue to face:

The only thing the world has a genuine shortage of is honest and competent people in gov’t. Almost all of our problems are due to political interference with market forces.

The only CO2 that we have too much of is from the exhaled propaganda of various corrupt socialists entrenched in power in too many nations and in multinational confederations. The global warming hoax is intended in large part to radically extend their power.  

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