Monday, April 16, 2012

Walter Williams on race hustlers

Walter Williams at Human Events has a fine essay on race-baiting and hypocrisy.
Media dishonesty and race hustlers
Let's look at some non-news cases. On March 14 in Tulsa, Okla., a white couple suffered a home invasion by Tyrone Woodfork, a 20-year-old black man. Ninety-year-old Bob Strait suffered a broken jaw and broken ribs in the attack. His 85-year-old wife, Nancy, was sexually assaulted and battered to death, ending their 65-year marriage.
On March 4, two black Kansas City, Mo., youths doused a 13-year-old boy in gasoline and set him on fire, telling him, "You get what you deserve, white boy." Last summer, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel ordered an emergency shutdown of the beaches in Chicago because mobs of blacks were terrorizing white families. 
Several years ago, in Knoxville, Tenn., a young white couple was kidnapped by four blacks. The girl was forced to witness her boyfriend's rape, torture and subsequent murder before she was raped, tortured and murdered. Before disposing of her body, the three men and one woman poured bleach or some other cleaning agent down her throat in an effort to destroy DNA evidence. A jury found the four guilty, and they were sentenced, but because of the judge's drug use, a retrial is being considered. 
None of those black-on-white atrocities made anywhere near the news that the Trayvon Martin case made, and it's deliberate. Editors for the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune admitted to deliberately censoring information about black crime for political reasons, in an effort to "guard against subjecting an entire group of people to suspicion." 
One doesn't have to be a liberal, conservative, Democrat or Republican to see the danger posed by America's race hustlers, who are stacking up piles of combustible racial kindling and ready for a racial arsonist to set it ablaze. Recruiters for white hate groups must love President Obama's demagoguery in saying that a son of his would look like Trayvon but not saying that Melissa Coon's 13-year-old son, who was set on fire, could have looked like a son of his. After all, the president is just as much white as he is black.

Why is the Left-- from Democrat party hacks to professional race-mongers to media quislings-- so emphatic about hypocritically ginning up white racism, while ignoring massive violence and racism that doesn't fit their paradigm.

Here's why: in the 1960's, the Democrat party made a huge tactical shift. Prior to that, they had been the party of racism. Democrats were the party of slavery, the party of Jim Crow, the party of the KKK, the party of segregation, the party of lynching, the party of Bull Connor and George Wallace and Lester Maddox. Virtually all of the votes in Congress against civil rights in the 50's and 60's were Democrat votes. The South was solid Democrat territory, because racist white Southerners knew which party represented their interests.

In the 1960's, Democrats realized that blacks were of more use to them as government dependents and voters than they were as tree ornaments. So Democrats enacted massive government programs that made millions of poor people-- disproportionately black people-- dependent on government largesse. Democrats were able to sell the bizarre lie that their party was the party of black liberation from enslavement and bigotry, even though Democrats had been the commissars of enslavement and race hate for a century and a half. Their embrace of black Americans was no real change of heart. It was a change of tactics, and in many ways the new Democrat plantation has been as devastating to black Americans as the old one was. Take a walk at night on any street in any black neighborhood-- walks that black people have to take every night because they and their families live there-- in Chicago or Detroit or New Orleans or Philadelphia and you'll understand what Democrat politicians have done for black Americans.

The "whites are racist and you need us to protect you" trope to blacks is the ticket to power for Democrats and their media quislings. Without the perception of massive white racism, Democrats would never again win a national election.

In fact, without white racism to frighten and enrage, many black people would begin asking some very uncomfortable questions about their political bosses.

Democrats and the left will do anything to maintain the illusion of massive pervasive white racism.

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