Tuesday, April 10, 2012


North Korea rocket installed on launch pad

It looks like North Korea, the world's showcase of State 'I've been to the future and it works' Atheism, is preparing to launch its new long-range rocket. You wonder how many North Korean citizens had to starve to buy the fuel for this worthless monument to Communist manhood.

It's worth noting that North Korean long-range missiles are named with the suffix "-dong".

Kinda tells the story of the whole DPRK nuclear project. 


  1. Michael,

    Since you've given up on writing QUALITY blogposts, I see now that you've decided to go for QUANTITY.

    The North Korean nuclear and missile programs were at least partially due to GW Bush's illconceived and illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, with the stated reason being that Saddam Hussein had WMDs in 2003, not that he had them in the early '90s or that he wanted them.

    When WMDs failed to be discovered, countries such as North Korea and Iran took notice and decided that if not having WMDs didn't protect Iraq, then they'd better go all out and get them for themselves.

    Only someone with an infantile humor such as you would make a 'dong' reference to the missiles. As Sigmund Freud should have said, sometimes a missile is just a missile.

    1. [Since you've given up on writing QUALITY blogposts, I see now that you've decided to go for QUANTITY.]

      You admit they were "quality"?

      At last!

      [Only someone with an infantile humor such as you would make a 'dong' reference to the missiles.]

      I'm a guy. I can't help it.

    2. Michael,

      No, they weren't quality. That's why you had to go for quantity. I should have included 'trying to' because trying is a very good description of you. Or - abyssal quality is still quality.

  2. I doubt we have to worry about N. Korea posing a credible nuclear threat any time soon. There entire program seems to be more for putting on shows than establishing a credible offensive nuclear capability. Considering the poor reliability of their rockets, and the poor performance of their single nuclear test, they would have to launch three or more nuclear missiles to have anything close to a reasonable chance of destroying a target that’s not defended. Of course our targets are defended, both by land based interceptor missiles in Alaska and Aegis ABM cruisers around Korea. Double again the number of missiles N. Korea would have to launch.

    Their long range missiles are liquid fueled and very large. There is virtually no way N. Korea could hide the simultaneous readying of multiple ICBMs, giving our forces days to ready our defenses and possibly preemptively strike. We could use conventional warheads launched on SLBMs, American and S. Koreas Strike Eagles, stealth bombers, and possibly carrier aviation.

    Of course the situation with N. Korea is, as always, complicated by the fact that they have thousands of artillery tubes and short range missiles pointed at Seoul.


  3. An ICBM by any other name....
    I sincerely hope Japan keeps their word and shoots the damn thing down before it reaches orbit.

    As for for all you folks who think 'they can't hit us': They don't have to. You're quite right in assuming we have counter-measures. We have excellent systems that are not even listed in your Janes manuals - and certainly not in popular mechanics or 'science'.
    But, they do NOT have to hit us here in NA to begin an exchange or global level conflict.
    Also attempting to blame the Korean Nuclear program on Bush or some other Western power is just pathetic.