Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Zimmerman to be charged

From the Washington Post.

Good. A professional prosecutor looked at the evidence, and made a decision based on the evidence and the law. What a breath of fresh air.

The charges against Zimmerman have not been announced.

If Zimmerman is convicted, consider how much easier it will be for him to appeal his verdict given the climate of hate and published lies.

Ironically, the hate-mongers and media frauds have made it much more likely that Zimmerman will ultimately walk free. 


  1. I assume KW will now spend more of his time being perpetually outraged at black-on-black crime.

    Not likely.

    I'm pleased as well. I don't think his actions can be construed as self defense. Wait a second, Dr. Egnor...but I thought you just wanted Zimmerman to go free after murdering a young black child?

    Just kidding. You made your point very clear and some very obtuse people constructed straw man arguments to knock down. KW, mostly.

    KW: Can you see now that NO ONE was saying that Zimmerman was blameless, or that killing black people should be legal? Please tell me that you finally understand that you've been arguing with a point of view that no one was advocating.


  2. They just announced on the news here that he is to be charges with 2nd degree murder and is in custody.

    Meanwhile, it seems the hate-fest is continuing in Maryland: