Friday, April 27, 2012

It would be a lot worse if they were priests...

From Jazz Shaw at Hot Air:

Maybe it’s just because I live in New York. I mean, intuitively I’m positive that there must be stories in nearly every state of the union where you’ll hear about public school systems, teachers unions and horrendous educators running out of control. But it sure seems like these stories all come from the Empire State. Case in point.

A health teacher at a high school in Manhattan, joking about life for homosexuals in prison, forced a male student to bend over a desk, lined up behind him to simulate a sex act… 
A high school science teacher in the Bronx who had already been warned about touching female students brushed his lower body against one student’s leg during a lab exercise, coming so close that she told investigators she could feel his genitals… 
And a math teacher at a high school in the Bronx, investigators said, sent text messages to and called one of his female students nearly 50 times in a four-week period… 
The New York City Education Department wanted to fire these teachers. But in these and 13 other cases in recent years in which teachers were accused of inappropriate behavior with students, the city was overruled by an arbitrator who, despite finding wrongdoing, opted for a milder penalty like a fine, a suspension or a formal reprimand. 
In New York it’s nearly impossible to get rid of a failing teacher under normal circumstances. The system is rigged worse than a Vegas casino. Once the teachers receive tenure – which I believe happens about five minutes after they send in their first dues payment to the union these days – they can pretty much never show up for work again and you can’t get them off the public payroll...
Just the tip of the iceberg.

Note the media silence. When the stories are reported, the lurid assertions that are inevitably leveled against the Catholic Church-- 'the Catholic pedophilia crisis grows...' 'How can the Church keep covering up...' etc. are rarely leveled against the public schools. School officials are generally held harmless by the media. When was the last time you heard the media demand that the Secretary of Education-- or the President of the United States-- apologize to victims of public school sexual abuse?

The Pope is asked everywhere he goes. And he apologizes.

Each year now for several years there have been less than 10 credible reports of child sexual abuse in Catholic churches and schools in the United States. There are several thousand reports, at least, of child sexual abuse in public schools.

For many in the media and elsewhere, spreading the most vile anti-Catholic hate is more important than telling the truth and protecting children. Catholic churches and Catholic schools are among the safest places for children in America today. The fact that you don't already know that is a measure of the anti-Catholic bigotry inherent to the media coverage of the child sexual abuse epidemic in America.


  1. When the schools are subject to lawsuits by groups of adult victims that demonstrate decades of systematic abuse, denials, cover-ups, and transferring of perpetrators to avoid consequences, then maybe you would have a point. Trying to defend the Catholic Church by claiming its moral equivalency with New York public school teaches smacks of desperation.


  2. My wife and I are seriously considering placing our new son into the Catholic system's French Immersion program here in Ontario, when the day comes to send him off to school.

  3. When the schools are subject to lawsuits by groups... etc etc etc

    And your point is? What are you trying to prove? The more lawsuits the more truth...

    You must be a liar... ts! ts! a laywer!

    1. Just what I said. The lawsuits revealed decades of systematic abuse, denials, cover-ups, and transferring of perpetrators to avoid consequences. The part you replaced with etc etc etc was my point you idiot.



    2. In public schools lawsuits (would) revealed decades of systematic abuse you moron!

  4. AGAIN, the major difference here is catholic priests by definition should be way, WAY above and beyond anything that resembles child rape. When you claim moral high ground on virtually every aspect of life, then have a widespread scandal of such magnitude, you just cant just shrug and say, well, it happens elsewhere too!

    Oh yeah NOW the pope apologizes. Reminds me of another pope apologizing for Galileo - 350 years after his death.