Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The media are just criminals

Wanna read more media venality to make your blood boil?


Associated Press “forgets” inconvenient part of Zimmerman story 


In a story by Associated Press writer Kyle Hightower, the news network seems to have purposefully omitted a detail that would undermine the mainstream media’s attempt to lynch George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain that shot Trayvon Martin. 
See if you can spot what’s missing.

Eddie Jones, a 58-year-old black man and lifelong resident of Sanford, said Zimmerman’s arrest is paramount to keeping the protests peaceful. 
“They need to go ahead and arrest this guy before something happens,” he said. “Sanford is screwed up. This place just didn’t get corrupt.” 
While tensions are high, some think this city of about 53,000 — around 57 percent white and 30 percent black — will come through the crisis without violence, as it did during similar uproars. 
Two years ago, after a black homeless man was beaten by the son of a Sanford policeman, passions soon cooled. The assailant, Justin Collison, initially wasn’t charged but eventually was arrested after footage of the episode went viral on YouTube. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and received probation. 

Do you give up? 
The “black homeless man” in the previous scandal was Sherman Ware. do you want to take a wild guess who led the charge to bring the policeman’s son to justice? 
Was it Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, or Barack Obama claiming that “if he had a son” he’s look like Ware? Absolutely not. The effort to bring Justin Collison to justice was spearheaded by none other than George Zimmerman. 
Funny how a major news organization could miss such a well-documented detail. It’s like they didn’t want to muddy the narrative with facts…

At least I don't have to wonder anymore what it was like to read Pravda every day.  

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