Friday, April 6, 2012

Please pray for Chuck Colson

Because of his health, Chuck Colson will not be able to spend this Easter in the place he has spent Easter Sunday for the past 34 years-- in prison.


Every Easter, Colson-- a Christian evangelical and founder of Prison Fellowship-- visits prisons to minister to inmates who are suffering spiritually in their anger and shame and guilt. But Colson can't be with the people he loves-- the inmates-- this Easter. Colson recently underwent surgery for a blood clot on his brain.

Rich Lowry has a beautiful essay on Colson's remarkable life of power, pride, repentance and redemption. His story is the archetypal story of coming to Christ-- of a man with the world at his fingertips, who left it all to follow the Cross.

Please pray for him to have a speedy and full recovery, and for his family and friends that they may be strengthened in this difficult time.

Perhaps next year, to his joy, he can return to prison for Easter. 


  1. Archetypical liar for Jesus, you mean.

    First he was an ordinary criminal. Then he became a criminal for Jesus, lying over and over again about the theory of evolution.

    1. Your anger is understandable, anon. People get very upset when others question their creation myths.

      Do try to keep an open mind.

    2. Anon,
      Why do you seem to suffer from the throws of horror at the idea someone would follow a sacred path? To say such nasty and hateful things about a man who sought redemption through faith and is clearly ill?
      Surely it is not in defence of some theory or hypothesis? That would not be scientific. So clearly that cannot be the case.
      What is it about ministering to the lost and lonely that causes such fear and loathing in your heart?
      I ask these questions honestly.
      You should ask them of yourself.

    3. I don't like it when people lie. It makes no difference to me whether it's Colson, Egnor, or Obama. They all get me pissed off. It's just that Colson and Egnor do it so often and so shamelessly, all the while claiming supernatural justification for their dishonesty.

    4. What is he lying about that horrifies you so? That Darwin was wrong? That's just a scientific theory.
      No need to get upset. Science is supposed to be sceptical. It is not a lie to see the faults in a theory.
      Besides, the current model of evolution may very well be wrong. If it is not, it will be the FIRST human effort of understanding to never be reformed or discarded.
      Certainly many aspects of Darwin's ideas have been false (protoplasm, sub-huamns etc), and it looks as if more are on the way.
      This Minister is a person who offers hope to people in a VERY bleak situation. He does so in the time honoured tradition of Faith.
      You may not believe, but that does not mean anyone else should not be given the chance to hear what this man has to say and to hear what he offers. So what it it jives with your ideas on any given scientific theory?
      He gives these people an 'out'. A means to feel sorry for what they have done. A means to find forgiveness within a community. How is that a lie?
      So again, why does a man doing such sacred work horrify you so?
      Would you prefer they remain unrepentant? That they feel they can never be forgiven? That they HATE rather than love?
      Or is it just conditioned reaction on your part to attack anything that is not framed as an equation or legal argument?
      You tell me.
      I see and hear this kind of fear/hate reaction frequently from positivists, cultists, 'new agers' and the like and I just don't get it.

  2. A man who does such redemptive work deserves only praise and good wishes.
    He has my prayers, gladly.
    May he find himself well enough to continue his calling, and may his example lead many others to such a righteous path.
    God bless him and protect him.
    In our Lord's name we ask this,