Monday, April 9, 2012

The Tulsa shootings

Suspects Jake England and Alvin Watts

Now news of a horrible shooting in Tulsa that has left three men dead and two wounded. The two suspects are white, and all of the victims are black.

It's too early to know the motives, but the mainstream media is reporting that police are investigating the possibility that race was a motive. Of course, the mainstream media has a history of intentional misrepresentation of the news in order to inflame racial division, so we really don't know the truth here.

Hopefully the judicial process will sort this out and get to the truth.

If these shootings are racially motivated-- if-- then this atrocity is even stronger reason to calm racial animosity, to bring all people of goodwill of all races together, and to denounce racial hate.

In the meanwhile, please pray for these innocent victims and their families. And pray for our country. 

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