Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fred Phelps has a long history of political activism. Guess which party...

No wonder the news media never refers to Phelp's political affiliation...

Phelps has run in various Kansas Democratic Party primaries five times, but has never won. These included races for governor in 1990, 1994, and 1998, receiving about 15 percent of the vote in 1998.[33] In the 1992 Democratic Party primary for U.S. Senate, Phelps received 31 percent of the vote.[34] Phelps ran for mayor of Topeka in 1993[35][36] and 1997.[37]
If Phelps were a Republican, his name in the press would be "Republican Fred Phelps".

He's a Democrat, however, so he's called a 'conservative' by the press, although he's really a radical Democrat nutcase.

You never hear of his party affiliation, except for modest little blogs...

From Liberal Logic 101.


  1. Troy reminds me of Fred Phelps. He'd fit right in at the Westboro Baptist Church.