Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Practice safe politics!"


  1. Isn't is odd how simple it generally is to turn leftist propaganda back upon itself?

    1. Given that Romney is the guy shipping jobs to China via Bain Capital, I don't think this "turning back" of the ad is going to work out the way you think it will.

    2. @anon:

      Let's compare:

      Romney spent years saving companies and jobs at Bain.

      Obama spent years as a cog in the Democrat Chicago Daley machine, the epicenter of political corruption in the US. And he spent his Sundays in a foaming racist's and anti-Semite's church.

      I'll take Bain any day.

    3. Romney spent years saving companies and jobs at Bain.

      You really have no idea how a company like Bain works do you? The company's M.O. is to buy a struggling company, sink it to its eyeballs in debt, break it up, and sell the pieces for whatever they can get, and then bail out.

      I suppose if you want the U.S. to be subject to a leveraged buyout and breakup with the resulting parts sold to various competitors, then Romney is your guy.

      Bain never "saved" a company or a job. Ever.

  2. How, exactly, does one "ship jobs to China"?

    But, more importantly, and however such shipping is done, do those jobs belong to those who create and/or provide them, or do they belong to someone else, say union officials or Democrat politicians?

    We've already seen the long-term result of the Anonymouse's mindset: it's called France.

    1. How, exactly, does one "ship jobs to China"?

      Ask Romney. He's the one falsely claiming that Jeep is shipping jobs there.

      But lying seems to be second nature for him.