Monday, October 22, 2012

"Obama is in way over his head"

This video is extraordinary. A searing indictment of the mendacity and incompetence of the Obama Administration's handling of the Benghazi video-related Al Qaeda terrorist attack.

November 6. 


  1. As opposed to, for example, the utterly brilliant way the Republican Bush administration handled the 9-11 attacks.

    1. And of course, they can't hold a candle to Romney who thinks that Syria is "Iran's route to the sea".

      I can see why Romney wants to defund public television. It is the only way to ensure that everyone is as uneducated and misinformed as he is.

    2. Syria has occupied Lebanon since 1976, and Syria is allied to Iran. Lebanon has a long Mediterranean coastline.


      Commentor Anonymous--ObamaZombie--geopolitical naif--idiot.

    3. That might be a cogent reply, except that Iran already has an extensive coastline along the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. Iran doesn't need Syria for access to "the sea". Iran also borders the Caspian Sea, but you probably didn't know that.

      Further compounding the stupidity of Romney's statement, Syria doesn't even border Iran, so no matter how you spin it, Syria cannot be "Iran's route to the sea", since there is no way to get directly from Iran to Syria.

      But since you probably didn't know any of this, being woefully ignorant on almost every subject, you bought Romney's stupidity hook, line, and sinker.

    4. This may help clear up your misunderstanding.

      This is geopolitics, not geography.

      Syria is very important to Iran and to Shia, of which Iraq is mostly populated.

      Syria is indeed a very important Iranian-Iraqi-Shiite link to the Mediterranean, and would be essential to Iran in a war with the US, given our bases in the Persian Gulf.

      Do your homework.

    5. Its a moronic "geopolitical" argument, since to get to Syria Iran would have to go through Iraq. And the portion of Iraq that Iran would have to go through would be the American-friendly Kurdish region that borders American ally and Iranian rival Turkey. In a hypothetical war with the U.S., Iran's alleged "route to the sea" via Syria would be meaningless. Citing that makes Romney's claims even stupider than just a geographical gaffe.

      Of course, the problem is compounded by the fact that that's not what Romney has actually said, and when the idiocy of his "Syria is Iran's route to the sea" claim has been challenged, he has not clarified with the attenuated connection you claim.

      Romney has shown in his few brushes with foreign policy that he is a buffoon.

  2. This is a very serious issue, and people don't seem to grasp what has happened. This cover-up is a peek at what is occurring now in this administration, and has huge ramifications down the road. The world is a very dangerous place right now and suppressing news as well as ignoring security needs at our diplomatic locations is extremely scary. These actions warrant possible impeachment actions, and should Obama be elected and impeached, what's scarier to me is that Joe Biden, who proves daily he is imbalanced, would be president. We need to wake up!!!!