Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My challenge to P.Z. Myers: should secularists support the "right" to abortion?

P.Z. Myers at Pharyngula posts this video of a debate between an abortion "rights" supporter and opponent at the Texas Freethought Convention. Kudos to the Freethoughters for raising the issue and debating it fairly in public. There is a small but laudable history of respect for life in the atheist community, exemplified by Nat Hentoff, a man of uncommon integrity.

Here's my challenge to Myers: I challenge you to a blog debate on abortion, from a secular perspective. The topic is:
Should secularists support the "right" to abortion?
No mention of God's Image or ensoulment, just secular science and ethics. We debate the same question asked at the Texas Freethought Convention, in reciprocal blog posts. I present my side, you present yours, and we rebut.

I bet Myers won't take the bait. Let's see.


  1. Why should he bother? Dilahunty already slaughtered your side on this issue. Which you would have known if you watched the debate.

    This is just more of you painting your face with grease paint and clowning it up in a desperate bid for attention by glomming on to a blog that has vastly more readership than your drivel.

  2. Not to mention he doesnt troll your website like you do to his.

    And, lately it seems that not many other people are either, anymore. What are you averaging, 1-2 comments on each of your long-winded posts? Seems people are getting bored of your childish rants