Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My take post-debate...

Obama did better tonight than he did in Denver, but it doesn't matter.

Romney did well-- as well as he did in Denver, which is what matters.

Nobody will change their vote based on what Obama said tonight. We have 4 years by which to judge Obama. An extra 90 minutes doesn't matter.

Romney continues making the sale to undecideds-- he looked and talked Presidential. That is what undecideds need to vote for him, which they will, in large numbers.

Obama lied twice-- he lied about his administration's support for oil drilling. And very importantly he could not defend his obvious lies about the cause of the murder of our ambassador in Libya. It was a planned Al Qaeda attack, and had nothing to do with a video. Obama knew that from the beginning (they had the attack on a drone video), but spent two weeks lying about it, including six references to the Muhammed video in his UN speech.

Obama will hear much more about the Libya cover-up at the last debate, on foreign policy.

Romney's two minute shredding of Obama's economic policy was masterful, and should be made into a campaign commercial.

Obama lost tonight because undecideds again got to see Romney being intelligent, articulate, a nice guy, and presidential. The President will continue to drop in the polls.  

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