Monday, October 22, 2012


Italian scientists convicted over earthquake warning
L'AQUILA, Italy (Reuters) - Six scientists and a government official were sentenced to six years in prison for manslaughter by an Italian court on Monday for failing to give adequate warning of an earthquake that killed more than 300 people in L'Aquila in 2009.
The seven, all members of a body called the National Commission for the Forecast and Prevention of Major Risks, were accused of negligence and malpractice in evaluating the danger and keeping the central city informed of the risks.

I think our Italian friends may be sipping a little too much of the vino.

Amici, earthquakes can't be predicted.

Besides if scientists were imprisoned for making bad predictions, the entire environmentalist, population control, and global warming community would be on Devil's Island.

Evolutionary biologists would be acquitted, though, because Darwinism predicts anything.


  1. Imagine that, scientists in jail while Catholic priests, who lie every day to their parishioners, still go free.

  2. But you're working to rectify that, comrade...

  3. Well, of ourse it's possible to predict earthquakes. It's just not possible to predict when they'll occur and their strength.

    You're ignoring the subtle difference between 'prediction' and 'projection'. Environmentalists, climate scientists and Malthusians project what will happen in the future if present trends continue. They're just not able to predict whether any technological advance will delay or negate the projection.

    Darwinists, on the other hand, make predictions. If the surroundings of a given population (the climate, predators, prey, competitors, etc) change, then the population will adapt (by changing the frequency of gene variants or their expression), migrate or go extinct.

    It's just not possible to make exact predictions, because genetics is nowhere near to being completely elucidated.

    Evolutionary biology makes predictions just like seismology and is as well if not better supported by the evidence.

    Darwinism is a real science, unlike its competitor, Paleyism (AKA Intelligent Design) which posits that God did something somewhere somewhen, for completely unknown reasons and by completely unknown mechanisms.