Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Heh. This isn't even a parody.

D'oh: Obama ads boost enthusiasm for Romney 
A new survey of presidential campaign ads reveals that those from Mitt Romney and President Obama jazz Republicans, pushing GOP enthusiasm 42 percent higher than it was in 2008 for Sen. John McCain. 
"Democratic ads are goosing Republican enthusiasm," said poll analyst Adam Schaeffer of Evolving Strategies, a public opinion research firm. "That in turn will boost Republican turnout," he added. 
Evolving Strategies and Qualtrics teamed to study reactions of 2,384 voters to seven political ads. They found that Obama ads helped the president increase his vote by 15 percent and pushed down Romney's vote by 18 percent. 
Romney's ads, meanwhile, did little to push the vote of Republicans or Democrats. "They are just plain ineffective," he said. 
But more importantly, Schaeffer said that ads from both campaigns were jolting Republican enthusiasm. He told Secrets that the Obama ads especially irk GOP voters. As a result, the Romney and Obama ads have supercharged the enthusiasm of 2008 McCain voters, a huge boost for Romney. 
"Romney and Obama ads increase the highest level of voter enthusiasm of '08 McCain voters by 13 points--a 42 percent surge in the number of McCain '08 voters who are extremely enthusiastic to vote this year," said Schaeffer. What's more, he said, Obama's ads did not boost Democratic enthusiasm for the president...

Pretty funny. Just seeing Obama ads makes Republican voters want to crawl over glass shards to vote against the guy.

The enthusiasm gap in this election will be what decides it. The pundits don't realize how passionate sane people are about getting Obama out. 


  1. “Just seeing Obama ads makes Republican voters want to crawl over glass shards to vote against the guy”

    That’s the nature of racism, it’s very visual.